Cultural, religious cohesion surpasses

As a country of diverse culture and social structure, Ethiopia enjoys cultural and religious values for its cohabitation. This strong socio-cultural integration of the majority has enabled the nation to overcome all forms of political instabilities. Historical ground of the nation has also played its role in protecting the country. The recently marked holidays, Gena, (Ethiopian Christmas) and Timket (Epiphany), are good examples of this claim. Despite the fact that the whole world topic diverted to Ethiopia`s disintegration, Ethiopians have colorfully and peacefully celebrated the day. However, this does not mean that there were no anti-peace agents who tried to twist the events into their advantages.

However, thanks to the peace loving Ethiopians, the agenda is used to further strengthen an age old culture of tolerance among the people.

Ketera and Timket festivals which were marked on January 18th and 19th respectively have religious and cultural values to all Ethiopians. Since the festivals signify the Baptism of Jesus Christ in the River of Jordan, they gather almost all Christians into one spot to escort Tabot- replica of the Ark of Covenant. When Ethiopian Christians gather to celebrate the feast of Timket, they adore themselves with traditional clothes that represent their respective culture which makes the day more impressive, memorable and demonstrates social integrity.

While escorting the Tabot, everyone walks slowly talking and singing hymns. Every individual in Timket festivity focuses more on religious issues than political differences. For this very reason, two individuals with political polarity might exchange ideas peacefully and share whatever is in their hand and heart to the person walking next to them. This is the true essence of Ethiopia that served the nation for centuries. No matter what political or ideological differences may exist among them, religious and cultural values always bring them closer.

Following the attack the terrorist TPLF Junta perpetrated against members of the ENDFs in the northern front, several Ethiopians have lost their priceless blood. This anti-Ethiopian mission which is directly or indirectly orchestrated by the external forces (particularly the West) have claimed the lives of innocent people. Children have lost their lives, women are raped. Infrastructures are looted and deliberately destroyed.

In an interview with local media, Social Scientist, Zelalem Gizaw, indicated recently that this joint mission was targeted to disintegrate Ethiopia. Indeed, as it was witnessed within the last year, all the economic sanction and political pressure that mounted on Ethiopia, truly reflects the wish and desire of external forces to replace the democratically elected government with their puppet that served their interests.

Unfortunately, unlike other states that became the prey for external powers and anti-peace elements, this did not happen in Ethiopia. With all economic challenges and political differences, the masses have given priority to save the nation. Despite the political ideological differences, almost all political parties, with the exception of Western Trojan horses, have agreed to side with peace and fought for their country.

According to the scholar, the goal of those anti-Ethiopian elements (both internal and external forces) was to destroy Ethiopia. But, the country is saved by the priceless life of its children. “We should not be satisfied with the victory we registered within the last months. We need to be more close and united as one to defend our country from its enemies. In addition to the political crisis that has been inflamed by the terrorist TPLF group, the Western powers have tried all they can and they are still doing it to dismantle strong Ethiopian sentiment. This may not be visible. The past months have witnessed how they have been working to put their will in Ethiopia.” Zelalem recommended that Ethiopia should capitalize on its natural resources and work hard to set free itself from external aid. The more we secure our economy, the more we will be at liberty.

As it was recently indicated by General Abebaw Tadesse, enemies of Ethiopia were almost at the edge of destroying the country. The external powers have tried almost every possibility to put a puppet government that serves their interest through removing democratically elected government. This includes hiring mercenaries, plotting for transitional government and supporting terrorist groups. However, thanks to the combined hands of Ethiopians, the hidden agendas and goals of both internal and external forces have failed.

General Abebaw said that the joint forces of Ethiopia that were led by the Prime Minister have scored successive victories against the TPLF groups. The joint forces have seized heavy weaponries and other armaments. They have also killed and captured military leaders of the terrorist group. This result has come only by unified hands of all Ethiopians.

Indeed, as it is clearly stated by both, the social scientist and General Abebaw, the combined hands of Ethiopians have defeated Ethiopia`s enemies. The strong social and cultural integration among the people have protected the nation from its enemies. While our internal and external enemies expect our disintegration and working jointly to realize their ill intents, we have stood firmly in contrary to their expectation and wish.

Our external enemies though worked unwaveringly to destabilize and disintegrate the country by joining hands with internal conspirators; we are working committedly more than ever before with greater reasons. While they are yearning to see disunited, beaten, and disgraced Ethiopians, we have kept on holding our head high with pride and dignity.



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