Dagalo’s visit to Addis showcases Ethio- Sudan ties renewal: Scholar

  • Paves way to reset strained relations b/n two countries : MoFA


ADDIS ABABA – The recent official visit of Deputy Chairperson of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemidti) to Ethiopia has once again showcased that Ethiopia’s unwavering commitment to ensuring peace and security in the region and is a chance for Ethio- Sudan ties renewal, according to a scholar.

 Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MoFA) disclosed that Dagalo’s recent visit to Ethiopia will play a big role in resetting the strained relations between the two sisterly countries.

In an exclusive interview with The , Dire Dawa University Political Science and International Relations Lecturer and Researcher Surafel Getahun stated that Ethiopia is always committed to regional peace and security.

 Surafel added that the recent visit of the Deputy Chairperson to Ethiopia is an indication that Ethiopia’s commitment to resolving the Ethio–Sudan border dispute peacefully yielding positive results, and that relations between the two sisterly countries showing improvements.

“Some foreign forces have been using the Sudanese army to achieve their political interest, and pushing Sudan into conflict with Ethiopia,” the academician said, adding that as everyone knows the Sudanese troops have crossed Ethiopian territory and taken control of some areas. However, the Sudanese people have been protesting against their army’s move.

He also noted that the Sudanese people are calling on the Sudanese army to end its belligerence, and saying that the Sudanese people do not want a war with Ethiopia.

Since the incursion Sudanese army into Ethiopia’s border, the Sudanese people have also been stating that the dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan is not in the interest of the Sudanese people, but the interest of some members of the army, according to Surafel.

Surafel further stated that, since many years ago, Ethiopia has been showing its kindness and love for the Sudanese people, and has been providing support to help the Sudanese resolve their internal problems in their own way.

“If Ethiopia retaliated when Sudanese troops crossed the Ethiopian border, there would be worse problems in the region, he indicated. “Ethiopia’s patience and determination to resolve problems peacefully has contributed significantly to regional peace,” he added.

MoFA Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the recent visit of Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, Deputy Chairman of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council the Sudanese, to Ethiopia at this time will reset the strained relations between the two countries.

According to Amb. Dina, the people of the two sisterly countries have a long-standing relationship, and they help each other in times of need.

He added that it is safe to say that Dagalo’s visit to Ethiopia will help restore relations between the two countries. “Once a relationship is established, it will continue and grow.”

It is to be recalled that Ethiopian Defense Minister Abraham Belay (PhD) and Deputy Chairperson of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo discussed bilateral issues.

Abraham stated that during the discussion the two stressed need to close partnership between Ethiopia and Sudan. It is also stated that Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo also discussed with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on bilateral issues of mutual interest between Ethiopia and Sudan.

The January 25/2022

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