Debunking atrocity and partaking in green legacy


 Last Monday, a photo exhibition that debunks the atrocities inflicted on civilians by terrorist TPLF was opened at The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA). Various government officials, religious leaders and invited guests attended the exhibition themed Sele (for) Ethiopia.

On the event, Government Communication Services Minister Legesse Tulu (PhD) appreciated EPA for documenting the atrocities committed by the TPLF against the Ethiopian people and for making them available to the public.

“The terrorist group has come a long way not only to inflict atrocities on our people but also to destroy Ethiopia,” he said. The group killed children, raped the elderly women, destroyed properties, the minister said and added the exhibition is important to document and debunk such terrorist act.

Member of the Board of Directors of the EPA, Deacon Daniel Kibret described the TPLF’s abuses as “deviant from at least one of the four laws that human beings must abide by.” Every human being should be at least governed by moral, civil, religious, or cultural laws. If not it needs to be ruled at least by one of these laws.

The terrorist TPLF, however, has shown that it does not abide by the rule of law since it abused the national army and civilians. The TPLF also showcased its defiance to religious laws by destroying religious institutions. Similarly the group demonstrated that it does not abide by social laws and moral burying bodies of deceased relatives in residential houses of victims and raping the elderly and children. He said such abuses should be documented not to be forgotten. “It is possible to forgive, but it is important to underline the atrocity will not to be repeated,” Daniel said.

The photo exhibition that is being staged at headquarter of EPA will stay open until 23 January 2022.

The country is also striving to mobilize support to victims of the war. It has facilitated a program to enable the diaspora visit war victims in Afar and Amhara states. Those who already went there and returned back to the capital will visit Entoto Park and Abrehot Library.



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