Defending home from abroad



United in unison, Ethiopians have been joining hands to repel foreign pressure and media propaganda waged against Ethiopia by some international media outlets and their paymasters.

From financing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to openly protesting foreign pressures, Ethiopians diaspora living overseas have been very much engaged in national endeavors. Ethiopian communities living in four corners of the world have been playing a leading role in fending off the unwarranted foreign pressure imposed by the U.S. and its allies.

The communities have also been echoing their voice on U.S. misguided foreign policy towards Ethiopia and the unfair treatment of their country in the hands of the UN and its agencies. Ethiopian diasporas, led by leading activists and renowned intellectuals, have been taking to the streets and social media to expose conspires and tell the truth to the world.

The #NoMore Movement, which is now attracting more Africans and Foreign nationals, has already become a hallmark of the contribution of these communities. Unlike previous times, Ethiopian Diasporas have transformed themselves into a major driving force in the socio-economic activities of the country owing to the welcoming gesture of the government.

Over the last few months, Ethiopia’s remittance has seen an increase with country received 1.6 billion USD from Diaspora over the last five months, according to the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency announced.

Besides defending Ethiopia in international arenas, Ethiopian Diasporas have been engaged in rehabilitating the TPLF displaced communities in Amhara and Afar states. Lately, the Ethiopian government invited Ethiopian Diasporas living abroad to come home as part of the Great Ethiopian Home Coming event. Many Diasporas have already come home to partake in rebuilding damaged infrastructures in the Afar and Amhara states by the terrorist TPLF group.

Ethiopian Diaspora is always active in responding to the quest of their motherland. They have particularly shown keen interest in visiting the country resisting all unnecessary pressures, exposing fake news, and supporting the interests of their country over the past one plus year, said Birtukan Ayano, State Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Ethiopian Diaspora community is playing a significant role in supporting the displaced citizens, the national army families as well as building the destroyed infrastructures.

She noted that the Diaspora community would play a fundamental role in letting know Ethiopia’s reality and telling the international community that the country is capable of solving its problem through domestic mechanisms after returning to host countries.

The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Communication Director, Wondosen Girma on his part said that numbers of Diaspora are entering Ethiopia from different parts of the world.

Various events including exhibitions, symposiums, and sports carnivals are being held in Addis Ababa and in different parts of the country. The Diaspora community will visit the Amhara and Afar states which are seriously affected by the terrorist TPLF aggression.

In his welcoming speech, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) commended Diasporas returning home in response to the Great Ethiopian Home Coming Challenge that envisions getting one million people.

A huge number of Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin living abroad started arriving here to mark the Ethiopian Christmas and Epiphany festivities amidst some Western countries’ repeated call to citizens to leave the country sounding a sham alarm. The Premier said: “A nation can be symbolized with an extended family. Tribulation helps members of some families to form bonds while it forces others to fall apart.”

On the contrary, the bond of members of a family with a firm foundation is strengthened during trying times. Even if there are differences between them, members of the strong family put aside their differences and explore ways out to bring solutions to the problem they face. Each member contributes their part to the solution. They go through difficulties together and finally share the happiness of overcoming the problem.

“This is the time when Ethiopia is tested a lot as a nation. Ethiopia’s enemies have left no stone unturned to agitate it. However, Ethiopians have with strong unity resisted the challenges. Troubles have made the unity of Ethiopians stronger than ever. The troubles have enabled Ethiopia to leverage its resources, indeed,” he added.

 Prime Minister Abiy further highlighted that the Ethiopian Diaspora across the globe has shown strong solidarity with their country in times of need. “They defended the interests of their motherland, Ethiopia, when some had tried to cloud realities on the ground with disinformation and imposed pressures on the country. They have been serving their homeland as a diplomat via straight fighting fake news and falsehood fabrications.”

Diaspora members knocked on the doors of politicians, held huge pro-government rallies, confronted misguided policies of some leaders, and pushed the media to report the truth in the country. They have also advocated for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and sent money for the construction of the dam, and extended support to people in need of humanitarian assistance.

“Many countries benefited in political, economic and diplomacy sectors from the strong linkage they created with their Diaspora abroad,” the Prime Minister noted, adding that South Korea, India, China, and Mexico have undertaken exemplary works in this regard.

 He called on members of the Diaspora community to visit conflict-ridden areas and support Ethiopians who have been affected by the TPLF aggression. “Diasporas also need to investigate the extent of the atrocities committed by the radical element and expose it to the rest of the world upon their return to host countries.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen while welcoming members of the Diaspora community who are flocking to the capital Addis Ababa in response to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) GreatEthiopianHomeComing initiative said Ethiopians at home have also been struggling with a strong feeling of patriotism to preserve the sovereignty of the nation.”

He stressed that Ethiopia has overcome multifaceted challenges it faced through concerted efforts of its children including the Diaspora community. While coming home, many Diasporas have been donating finance and material support to help health facilities and other social service institutions that were looted and damaged by the terrorist TPLF group. Some communities have already donated medical and other supports to help internally displaced peoples.

Noting the commission has given due attention to rehabilitating IDPs in their homes, Mitiku indicated they have managed to support 361,000 people returning to their homes in Amhara State thus far.

As to him, the humanitarian aid that has already been facilitated by Ethiopians and the government is currently being distributed giving utmost priority to children under the age of five, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly, and persons with disability. So far, we have relatively managed and distributed the food items and now we are carrying out various activities to allocate the nonfood one.”

The January 4/2022

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