Deputy PM, Demeke applauds Diaspora prompt response

ADDIS ABABA-Deputy Prime and Foreign Affairs Minister, Demeke Mekonen applauded the prompt response of the Diaspora community to the ‘Great Homecoming Challenge’ national call.

Holding a virtual discussion with Ethiopian ambassadors and key stakeholders in a bid to assess the result of the Great Homecoming Challenge, Demeke twitted that appreciating the Diaspora for their support of their country and outstanding responses during difficult times.

Similarly, local media reported in this online discussion that the Federal government and Ethiopian ambassadors from overseas focused on how to increase the post-Greater Diaspora participation in the country.

He further added that a lot remains to be done in the future than what has been carried out, in terms of harnessing the huge potential of the Diaspora. During the discussion, Ethiopian ambassadors raised crucial concerns on the areas of reconstruction, knowledge and skills transfer, and investment sectors to further increase the Diaspora participation.

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency (EDA) Deputy Director General, Mohammed Indris (PhD) on his part said that the overseas Ethiopian ambassadors are responsible for making the Diaspora an economic ambassador and reconstruction partner. He also emphasized that the Agency has been exerting full potential to provide overseas Ethiopian ambassadors with sufficient responses to the questions raised then and the way forward in terms of maximizing Diaspora participation through identifying the key areas.

Federal stakeholders and the Diaspora have agreed to run a range of activities in a collaborative manner.


25 FEBRUARY 2022

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