Diaspora contribute over 900,000 USD to war victims


ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Diaspora, foreigners of Ethiopian origin residing in the U.S. have provided war affected citizens with over 900,000 USD assistance.

One of the fundraising program participants said, “I am involved in fundraising for my country. We are always with the fellow citizens at home, and planned to assist war victims in a sustainable manner. We support the necessary humanitarian aids for IDPs as much as possible. We strive for constructing schools, hospitals, health centers, and supporting the rehabilitation process of the displaced people.”

The Diaspora contributed 900,000 USD to the effort exerted towards helping war victims following the terrorist TPLF aggression. Of the collected money, half a million USD was raised from the Diaspora living in the state of Las Vegas and the rest from the other U.S. states.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S., Fitsum Arega on his part said that the Diaspora community should continue supporting war victims as they have strongly fought against some western countries’ intervention via showing the country’s positive image.

As to the Ambassador, at congress level, H.R. 6600 law is drafting at present which violates Ethiopia’s sovereignty and disrupts country’s interest. Therefore, the Diaspora should urge their constituents to respect Ethiopia’s interest and refrain from their evil deeds using any opportunity.

The ambassador also recalled that Ethiopia and the U.S. do have a historical relationship dates back to over 120 years ago. He called on the Diaspora to give emphasis to and encourage the firm ties of the two sisterly countries.

The March 11/2022

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