Diaspora Ethiopians vow to rehabilitate war-victims

ADDIS ABABA- Diaspora Ethiopians who paid visit to war-affected areas recently voiced commitment to contribute financial and material support to peoples affected by the terrorist TPLF aggression in the Amhara and Afar states.

Approached by the local media, members of the Ethiopian Diaspora expressed dejection over the immense humanitarian and material damage that have been caused by the criminal clique.

Zelalem Tessema, from the UK, said he witnessed the humanitarian crisis in Afar State that has been triggered by the massive destruction and looting on public and private properties by the rebellious faction.

“During my visit to Chifra, in Afar State, I had seen a significant number of people displaced from homes and damaged institutions.

So, our team has promised to rebuild one of the destroyed hospitals which served more than 150 thousand people prior to the war.

” He lauded efforts the state government has done in restoring peace and enabling the public to resume daily lives.

Another Diaspora, Sewasew Sileshi, from Norway highlighted that TPLF has forced millions of Ethiopians to live under harsh conditions.

“Having visited the damaged schools and health centers, we decided to reconstruct the facilities with better quality.” Noting some members of the Ethiopian Diaspora were hijacked by the Western media lies, Sewasew avail them the opportunity to realize the objective reality.

“Until our visit to Amhara and Afar states, we were inclined to believe the disinformation that was carried out by the corporate media. In fact, the reality is absolutely different from what was said by the Western press.

” “We members of the Ethiopian community in Virginia agreed to mobilize 500 million USD and we have donated some materials that will support the injured soldiers.

We consolidate the support of our fellow citizens at home,” said Abel Gashe, a Diaspora residing in the U.S.


The 13 February 2022

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