Diaspora reaffirms commitment to supporting nat’l rebuilding endeavors


ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Diasporas have reaffirmed their commitment to supporting the rehabilitation and rebuilding endeavors of the nation.

The Diaspora who are part of the great homecoming challenge have paid visits to war-torn areas in Afar and Amhara states which the terrorist TPLF has committed unthinkable atrocities and massive destructions.

In a week-long trip to the Afar and Amhara states, the Diaspora members visited areas destroyed by the terrorist TPLF and they also spoke to the injured in person.

Speaking to ENA, the Diaspora expressed their sorrow over the destruction and reaffirmed their commitment to contributing their share to rebuilding efforts of the country.

They also looked at investment opportunities in the area and conferred with government officials in both states on ways of rehabilitations and rebuilding the war affected areas.

Abraham Tedla, who returned home with his university student daughter, said he was happy to meet the war affected victims and share their pains.

He noted that despite the devastation effects of terrorist TPLF, Abraham said there is a promising start in the rebuilding activities and he cited the lowland wheat grown in the Afar region as a good example.

Noting Ethiopian Diaspora has a huge potential to make a significant difference in development journey of the country, Abraham urged for concerted efforts to strengthen national unity for the betterment of the country.

Another Diaspora from the US state of Virginia, Nesibu Sebhat described TPLF’s brutality that the terrorist group has committed unspeakable atrocities in Afar and Amhara states. He added the terrorist TPLF is inherently established to destroy Ethiopia since its inception.

Appreciating Ethiopians are united in their commitment to the survival of their country despite the terrorist group’s atrocities, Nesibu pointed out that the current great homecoming by Ethiopians is a result of solidarity for their motherland.

He witnessed massive devastation during his visit and he also indicated that the rehabilitation work needs a broad engagement. In this regard, he called on the Diaspora to provide the necessary support.

In connection with his visit of Afar state, the tourist potential and the wheat production, Nesibu said potential Diaspora should also participate in the sectors.

Similarly, Gebreamanuel Tegene, from Atlanta, USA said he had returned to the country earlier, when Western media outlets disseminated fake news about Addis Ababa, where some countries urged their citizens to “get out of Ethiopia.”

“We will work together to rebuild the country without giving up,” he said. He called on the entire Diaspora to contribute their fair-share as Ethiopia and its people are in a critical juncture, seeking the knowledge and skills of the Diaspora.

Similarly, Engineer Saba Shibiru, a head of an international technology company in Chicago, USA, said she was saddened by the human and material damage she observed in her visit.

The January 11/2022

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