Diaspora should uphold current zeal in all situations

The Ethiopian diaspora community members deserve paramount gratitude for the relentless efforts they made to safeguard their nation from the external formidable threat that has its roots stretched inside the country. Indeed the role of the diaspora was vital as the compatriots at home need reliable and committed partners abroad.

Actually, the diaspora did all these jobs for the sake of their nation. Someone may be intrigued to ask “why all such special acknowledgement as it is their obligation to do so for their nation” Of course they have discharged their obligation as much as they could. Still, it is undeniable that they have also done a lot as compared to the hustles and bustles of life they shoulder in their places of residence.

It is good to gratify that they have been doing their level best in all the times they lived abroad. Evidence indicates that many Ethiopians and Ethiopian origin left their country as far back as the end of the second world war. A large number of them also left home during the derg regime owing to the political situation as well as lack of peace in the country that followed.

Further, a considerable number of diaspora communities has also left the country during the three decades of TPLF dominated despotic regime. It is undeniable that they left their beloved homeland due to many disappointing reasons. Yet while joining the struggle for the overthrowing of the undemocratic system in the country they have been providing support to their compatriots at times of adversity.

Their contribution attained a peak stage when the country brought about a change in the democratic system about four years ago. Since then they have displayed their utmost loyalty to their country of origin in various forms. They have contributed money, material and knowledge to the fruitfulness of the changes that started to take place in the country.

Following the outbreak of the war in the northern part of the country, they have also fought tooth and nail to avert the orchestrated propaganda campaign that aims to prop up the terrorist war of TPLF at home.

Now that their struggle became fruitful the terrorist group has been routed from the areas it occupied while its foreign supporters and enablers have gone desperate. The diaspora should further uphold their struggle forward. Their country of origin needs their hands, their success and their presence always. This is because they have to make sure that their struggle would not become a periodic firefighting campaign.

They still need to continue their support in rebuilding facilities and infrastructure that were damaged by the conflict, healing the trauma and pain of the victims, as well as assisting the development, building democratic and justice system.

All these efforts could succeed if they transform their endeavour to a higher level. They have to institutionalize it so that it can prevent them from waging sudden and emergency campaigns as the country falls into troubles.

Furthermore, they have to uphold their involvement in the affairs of their country of origin regardless of any changing situations. Such situations, whether good or bad, are only short spanned and temporary but their country and compatriots last much longer. Therefore they have to keep in mind that the temporary issues can never be compared with the bigger national agenda and always maintain their zeal to stand by the side of their country and people.


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