Diasporas in Malinowski’s district oppose H.R.6600


ADDIS ABABA – Members of Ethiopian and Eritrean Diasporas in New Jersey protested the U.S. Congress H.R.6600 bill outside the Congressman Tom Malinowski’s office, who proposed the bill, last Thursday, Ethio-Americans Development Council (EADC) said.

During the protest which was organized by the American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee and New Jersey Tristate Hope for Ethiopia, an airplane with banners calling on the congress members to stop the bill. “The airplane banner which reads ‘Malinowski aiding terrorists Stop H.R. 6600’ has been soared over the sky of the congressman’s district,” EADC added.

Also, the protesters condemned the draft resolution and called on U.S. lawmakers to withdraw support that would otherwise damage the longstanding Ethiopia-U.S. diplomacy.

EADC further highlighted that the bill would devastate Ethiopia’s economy and clearly  favors the terrorist TPLF group. It also puts the lives of millions of people in East Africa at risk. “The protest was staged to create awareness about the harmful impact the bill would create in the people and economy of Ethiopia and how it helps the criminal TPLF.”

At the event, Ethiopian Historian Taye Bogale also said that some senators and congress members of the U.S. have violated the rules and regulations of the United Nations (UN).

Ethiopia has a track record of keeping the world security under their names of supervision beginning from the Korean crisis in 1950s and the Congo crisis in 1960s. Adding, in the current situation that Ethiopian Peacekeeping Mission has achieved heroic peacekeeping and resistance against terrorist forces, he said.

“I don’t know the reason why… Some senators and congress members of the U.S. are violating the rules and regulations of the United Nations. One of the covenants of United Nations organization is non-interference in the internal affairs of countries, but why the bill that is awaiting for the congress decision against sovereignty of Ethiopia,” he noted.

The H.R. 6600 bill has been introduced by Malinowski in the name of Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace and Democracy Act. But, Ethiopians and Ethiopian Diaspora have been protesting against the draft resolution since its introduction.

The bill is also drafted to deploy sanctions against Ethiopia including blocking the country from accessing funds from IMF, World Bank and other international lenders. “Congressman Malinowski has also been under overwhelming criticism from the Ethio-American community in his district and across the U.S,” the council concluded.

The Ethiopian March 12/2022

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