Diasporas in U.S. agree to rebuild damaged health centers


-Commences fundraising campaign aimed to raise 900K USD


ADDIS ABABA-Ethiopian Diasporas living in the San Francisco Bay Area, the U.S., have agreed to build and renovate four health centers damaged by terrorist TPLF war in northern part of Ethiopia, Fitsum Arega, Ambassador of Ethiopia to the USA disclosed.

The ambassador revealed that Girana, Buhoro, Sekotal, and Weleh Health Centers located in Amhara state, Northern Wollo Zone, each supporting 4-5 additional smaller clinics (Health posts) are set to rebuild and renovate. The damaged health centers have a potential of providing medical care for over 10,0000 patients in general.

Ambassador Fitsum Arega in his official Twitter page stated that Bay area Ethiopians have agreed to rebuild and renovate the health centers besides their solid support so far.

Encouraged to attend at a fundraiser organized by Ethiopian community in Bay Area, to restore 4 health centers, he stated describing continued exemplary support of the community’s besides encouraging others to follow suit.

Commenced campaign By Ethio-American Doctors Fund Inc to rebuild clinics in Sekota, Weleh, Girana and Buharo Health Centers destroyed by war in Northern Ethiopia. Since this news was disseminated , some 14, 200 USD has so far raised in connection with health center restoration.

The Northern California Ethiopian  community, have come together to do o their part by taking the responsibility of restoring four health centers in the Northern Wollo state, each supporting 4-5 additional smaller clinics, a task assigned to us by the Health Minister of Ethiopia.

It aims to raise 900,000 USD to complete the restoration of these four health centers by raising funds online and in-person events which enable the country to avoid the community’s suffering and dying due to lack of medical care.

The February 1/2022

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