Diasporas` irreplaceable role to sustain the economy


The Great Homecoming Challenge that brought Ethiopian Diasporas from different parts of the world is witnessing peace in the country. Despite the propaganda of the West, true sons and daughters of Ethiopia are flocking in mass. Besides testifying Ethiopia’s peacefulness and stability to the whole world stability of the country, the Home Coming Challenge show Ethiopians’ devotion and commitment for their country. Further, the Homecoming Challenge also is stimulating the role of the Diaspora communities to engage in various economic activities. Besides, several of them are showing unreserved effort to contribute their best in sharing experience.

In an exclusive interview with The , two engineers from England had recently said that, with all available resources, they are willing to contribute their share in rebuilding damaged areas. Engineer Wondimu Negash is one of those Ethiopian Diasporas who is now working aggressively to mobilize the Diaspora community to support their country.

According to him, Diaspora`s role for economic transformation of the nation is unquestionable. This can be expressed in the form of spending one`s capital or sharing experience locally. He said, this is the right time Ethiopia needs its children. The role of  every Diaspora has a vital role for economic sustainability.

The other Diaspora is Seleshi Tessema, who came to Ethiopia to help and support fellow Ethiopians who are victims of the war. According to him, supporting Ethiopia by sharing the know-how in the construction sector has a key role for economic transformation of the nation. If we apply modern constructions that developed nations are using, we can support the economy of the nation directly and indirectly. “This is what I am doing now. Using my profession, I am providing training to universities and other institutions that have a direct connection with the construction sector.”

The Ethiopian Diaspora has proved itself by supporting the mega projects like GERD and investing in the country. As it was indicated by Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Deputy Director Dr. Mohamed Endris, the Diaspora community should work aggressively to support and sustain the Ethiopian economy. Since the Diaspora is part and parcel of the country, all the challenges and hopes of Ethiopia will directly or indirectly touch the Diaspora community as well, in this respect, working for a common goal is one way of ensuring a sustainable economy and strong Ethiopia, ENA reported.

Ethiopia had been through difficult times when internal and external pressures had mounted on the country. However, with the blood sacrifice made by its children, it has passed most of its challenges. The economic challenge that follows the conflict is the next assignment for all Ethiopians. While supporting the political stability of  the nation, the Diaspora is also duty bound in ensuring sustainable economic growth all over the country.

According to the Deputy Director, Ethiopia has multiple challenges. This could be in the area of democratization or in the economic challenges. These challenges can be averted through coordinated efforts of Ethiopia`s children. In this regard, the role of Diasporas is vital since they have exposure to the outside world.

On his part, Coalition for International Ethiopian Diaspora President, Alebachew Desalegn said, the Diaspora will do its level best in supporting government’s efforts to rebuild and repair the damage incurred by the TPLF junta. The Diaspora is willing to support the effort of the government. He also said the coalition is working aggressively to mobilize the international Diaspora community to support Ethiopia.

Indeed, this is the right time Ethiopia needs its children. The war with the terrorist groups have incurred the country several damages. Infrastructures are destroyed; people are displaced from their villages; the economy is threatened due to this and other reasons. In this regard, using available resources is the best mechanism to overcome challenges. In this regard, the Diasporas can play the leading role in investing their capital at home and contributing their share in the overall economic activities of their country.

The January 11/2022

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