Diaspora’s new chapter of contribution

So the saying goes, “Seeing is believing.”, Ethiopian Diasporas from all over the world are now witnessing the reality on the ground in person resisting a range of pressures against home land visit.

They are also contributing what they can to help the internally displaced persons rehabilitate and the damaged infrastructures recuperate. The effort of Ethiopian diaspora in harnessing the pool of accumulated knowledge, skill, experience and wealth towards addressing a range of pressing issues in their country is a promising stride to make a difference in all aspects.

Yes, Ethiopia is being made thanks to its sons and daughters across the globe. The invitation has been gluing Ethiopians at home and abroad and making them committed than ever before to form new Ethiopia. Undeniably, these days diaspora home coming has received growing levels of attention as their role in contributing to the overall development of their country of origin has become dependable and their return is of paramount importance in shaping the socio-political dynamics on the ground.

Cognizant of the fact that an enormous task badly needs the combined effort of each and every citizen, the diaspora community is making mammoth contribution to rebuild the nation. Interestingly, Ethiopians at home and abroad are making history, and creating new Ethiopia via working more on rehabilitating the internally displaced fellow citizens and those who need to be well supported, both physically and psychologically.

The Ethiopian government also gives due attention and recognition to the unexploited potentials and roles the Diaspora could play in development efforts. All the measures taken by the diaspora in turn to buttress the domestic socio-economic activities in Ethiopia apart from consolidating diplomatic networks and battling the falsehood fabrications produced by terrorist TPLF and its masters comes at the forefront.

Countries with good practices on the issue have explicit instruments for attracting highly skilled professionals in the Diaspora to homeland such as Korea, India, China among others provide Ethiopia with good practice in exploiting untapped diaspora potentials.

True, Diaspora contributions can, in the eyes of the present context, significantly help transform economies and rebuild the demolished education and health institutions in different parts of Amhara and Afar states. The country-driven initiatives built on shared development objectives between the government and the Diaspora coupled with comprehensive policies, administrative structures and incentives would help Ethiopia well exploit Diaspora resources like expertise, investments, entrepreneurship and corporate affiliations which are critical growth pillars.

Since nation building in an environment of post crisis and post conflict requires urgent measures in the national reconstruction, rehabilitation and economic growth process, Ethiopia needs an enormous effort to improve its social, economic as well as political changes. Increasingly recognizing the importance of its citizens abroad for national development and prosperity, the government made a diaspora call and they wholeheartedly responded to it amid a number of intrigues to hold their coming back.

As the reform administration is working from dawn to dusk for modernization and fostering a national consciousness, culture and identity, Diaspora communities have to willingly adapt to the cultural elements of their host nations by retaining their cultural moorings.

Needless to state, the diaspora community has to actively contribute to the process of nation building through viable opportunities that have become part and parcel of the national fabric. As widely witnessed so far, the diaspora community has been playing great role in the process of nation building considering the untold damages and concealed conspiracies orchestrated against Ethiopia.

Practices like lobbying and mobilization of funds for various causes have increased manifold and the deepening transnationalism of Diaspora community is also increasingly becoming a national reality. Ethiopians start making history, indeed!

The January 4/2022

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