Diasporas pledge to continue assisting war victims


ADDIS ABABA— Members of Ethiopian Diasporas who hail from Dallas, the U.S. and those have recently come homeland have pledged to contribute their share to the effort geared towards restoring war-torn areas via expanding humanitarian aids as well as visiting affected areas in person.

Briefing the media yesterday, Dallas Taskforce Facilitator Melaku Damtie stated that the community in Dallas has raised over 500,000 USD with a view to backing affected citizens with humanitarian activities.

“We have also facilitated the fundraising from other Ethiopian communities in the U.S. and those of other countries. Likewise, we have been working on making the homecoming challenge more fruitful. So, we will visit and make donations in some war affected areas,” he said.

A number of Diaspora members have arrived from Dallas, he noted. The task force has been organized to overcome the growing foreign intervention  over the current Ethiopian situation, he indicated.

Member of the task force, PaulosBetesellasie, on his part said that the diaspora community has joined the homecoming challenge aiming at fighting against fake alerts about Ethiopia.

He said that : “Schools, health centers and other social institutions have been damaged by the terrorist TPLF leftovers. Therefore, we have to restore these institutions. by so doing, we have planned to visit some war-hit areas so as to contribute our share to the restoration scheme.”

“I would like to urge the Diaspora community to focus on major issues. We have to pay attention to foster humanitarian situation as TPLF has destroyed basic service providing centers,” he remarked.

The January 12/2022

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