Diasporas start paying visits to TPLF’s war–torn places in Amhara, Afar


ADDIS ABABA – Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora have already begun visiting various places in Amhara and Afar States where the terrorist group TPLF caused huge public and private property destructions apart from committing massacres, local media report.

Accompanied by Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Deputy Director-General Mohammed Endris the Diaspora yesterday visited TPLF attacked towns in Afar State namely Galicoma, Uwa, Berahle.

The Diaspora has observed mosques, health centers, and infrastructures that are destroyed by TPLF and has attended explanations about the brutal massacre inflicted on elders and children.

They would also visit attacked areas of Amhara State after, according to local media. A large number of Ethiopians in the Diaspora have recently arrived home responding to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) call.

The January 4/2022

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