Diasporas to deliver 50 containers medical equipment



ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Diasporas who live in Canada have collected 50 container medical equipment and it is on the way to be delivered to back the effort geared towards rebuilding the health facilities wrecked by terrorist TPLF leftovers.

Having a stay with local media, founder of Global Aid Ethiopia Dr. Getachew Demam said that Ethiopian Diaspora community who live in Canada have been painstakingly following the situation of their home land and have been responding to the quests raised with regard to any social, economic and political spheres.

He further stated that the terrorist TPLF has been destructing health cares and facilities at the time it controlled some parts of Amhara and Afar states. Hence, the Diaspora community has shown keen interest to support their country through reconstructing the destructed healthcare institutions in collaboration with “Cure Project” and abled to collect the aforementioned amount of equipment.

He underscored that the Diaspora will host fundraising program to transport the collected equipment to Ethiopia.

 He stressed that apart from providing their country with such a meaningful material support, members of the diaspora community have been readied to stretch hands to make various professional supports through visiting the damaged health institutions in person as the Diaspora has been playing a great role in fueling the development of the country.

He called on the Diaspora to further strength participation in supporting their country for it has now badly demanded the participation of its citizens living at home and abroad in a bid to bring holistic changes.

The January 1/2022

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