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Our media house, Fana Broadcasting Corporate, commenced service in 1994 with outdated equipment and limited manpower, but with the first of its kind and new style in the country’s broadcast media industry. Through process, it has made a leap forward by improving its structure and programs’ content and also addressing challenges. Our media house, which is known for its community-centered programs and commitment to improve the political and socio-economic livelihoods of our people, has become more preferable and managed to attract more audiences and partners in its television, radio, and online services.

Our media house has continued to bring about changes in the country’s media culture by enhancing its role of teaching, informing and entertaining the people by equipping itself with skilled and experienced manpower and up-to-date technologies. Fana Broadcasting Corporate, which has a rich experience in radio and online services and built its own 11-storey media complex, is endeavoring to become one of the leading media houses in East Africa.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate has become a pioneer in the country’s media history by building a full HD studio within its media complex and commencing full HD television transmission. After months of test transmission, it started transmission with its full capacity in January 2017 after it was inaugurated by the former President Dr Mulatu Teshome.

After equipping itself with the needed manpower and tools that are essential for online media, which is one of the best mediums at present, Fana Broadcasting Corporate is presenting various contents to its audiences in Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna and English languages via its website, Facebook and Twitter pages, including in photos, videos and audios. It reaches more than 6 million viewers on average per week.

In radio broadcasting service, besides its national and Fana FM 98.1 transmission, it has opened FM stations out of the capital Addis Ababa in 11 regional cities with a stunning speed where all stations are networked, equipped with the necessary manpower, and fitted with the latest radio technologies. Currently, it has 12 FM stations across the nation that provide broadcasting services in Amharic, Afan Oromo, Afarigna, Somaligan, Tigrigna, Wolaitigna and Sidamigna languages.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate is currently providing training and counseling service by establishing its own technology, journalism, and communication training center. At present, it has a total of 1,000 hardworking and committed workers.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate Sh.C(FBC) Head Office is categorized under Governmental Organizations

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