Do you know consuming too much sugar is bad for the body?

Consuming sugar now and then can cause the body to suffer from cancer, heart attack, alzheimer’s disease and not to mention diabetes by causing liver to store excess fat/fatty liver.

The body needs only a limited amount of sugar, but most people take up to twice than what is needed resulting in damage of the body.

Decreasing sugar in take is the best thing you can do for your body if you want to lose weight…. If you decrease sugar intake you start to lose weight without needing to work out much in the gym….the body will start its own process called ketosis where it will take sugar directly from the body called ketons.

Ketons give the brain much energy, which will make people alert and fresh unlike glucose/ sugar intake which will make you fuzzy after it’s quick burn out.

So watch the sugar you are taking in not only by avoiding sweets but also by having a healthy diet free from all those packed and processed foods.

Source: You tube



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