Document unmasks U.S.-led west evil agenda against Ethiopia



ADDIS ABABA – Documents have shown that the U.S administrators, some western countries along with their media, insurgent groups, and continental enemies’ are always working towards dismantling Ethiopia taking GERD as an initial cause.

Citing the document, an international Journalist said because of the second phase of the GERD filling nearing to complete, tension is raised on behalf of Sudan and Egypt to agree with Ethiopia not to fill the dam. In this regard, the joint military drills between Egypt and Sudan on the Nile have raised the concerns of Donald trump’s next remarks suggested a new conflict in the mid–east African region.

Trump said, “It is very dangerous situation because Egypt is not going to be able to live without Nile. Therefore, Egypt is blowing up the dam.” After ten days of Trump’s warning, the TPLF group attacked the Northern National Command Force stationed in Tigray State and the cause of beginning the bloody civil war. This war has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced three million people with an economic impact in billions.

The Document also indicates that the Khedive Ismael next plan of making Nile is the Egyptian river in his ruled via conquered Sudan in 1863. He also hired American ex-confederate and union officers and soldiers in 1870 with the recommendation of General William Sherman. He launched war on Ethiopia led by US officers and he crashed in 1875 and 1876.

“During the scramble for Africa, controlling the source of the Nile was a major colonial goal for the British in the 1929 Anglo-Egyptian treaty, which is a bilateral treaty between Egypt and Britain. It is the system targets at combating Ethiopia from the use of river Nile (Abbay) Therefore, Egypt wants to enforce in 1959 biased agreement at present so far.”

Despite 85 percent of the river Nile originates from the highlands of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan signed an agreement to build their dams for pulling millions of people from darkness. Not only that but also Egypt attempted to manage the construction Ethiopian dam because of an extensive diplomatic connection with the U.S., European Union, International Financial Institution, and the like. However, Ethiopia was prevented from using its natural resource to address the widespread poverty and poor living standards of its citizens; it aims at providing 75 million people with electricity, the document noted.

According to the document, damming the river is not a recent phenomenon as Ethiopia has planned to develop the dam since the regime of Emperor Haile Selassie. However, Egypt, Sudan, and some western countries as well as insurgents groups like terrorist TPLF have still worked not to realize the GERD construction. Besides, the terrorist TPLF killed innocent citizens, looted and destroyed property in Amhara and Afar states, but some western media like CNN have deliberately produced fake news in a bid to support the terrorist TPLF. Ethiopia however always focuses on the importance of an African-led arbitration with regional integration.

The January 8/202

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