Documentary presents terrorist TPLF’s horrible crimes in Afar


ADDIS ABABA- The TPLF terrorist group has committed heinous atrocities and caused huge public and private property destruction at Awsi Resu Zone of Chifera district in Afar State, revealed a recent documentary released by a local media.

In the documentary, the Chifera District Administration Advisor Mohamed Migaemio noted that the terrorist group has completely damaged schools, health institutions, killed wild animals and looted private and public property in AwesiResu Zone which is 100 kms far from the Ethio-Djibouti corridor, Mille town.

He also noted that the group has looted the district administration’s bureau adding that it has tried to seize Mille town over 20 times but in vain.  By the same token, the District Chairperson Awol Mohamed indicated that the group committed barbaric crimes against children and women. He added that many children were targeted to the terrorists’ shelling .

 According to him, five health centers were dismantled. Around 24 public/government institutions were damaged and many cattle’s, goats and camels were also killed. In addition, merchants who had been working for over 30 years were also left with nothing after their wealth was looted by the group, he underlined.

Moreover, many women were forced to give birth in the street since they had been forced to flee from their residents, he added. The administration bureau has also been looted by the group. They had also killed mentally retarded individuals, according to him.

Given the fact that the town was hit by heavy artillery over five times, the residents were forced to flee their home town, said KaloyetaAwol,Member of the District Management.

He further noted that the group has turned number of mosques in to ashes adding that many age long religious kithab were also damaged. Chifera General Primary School Head,Hassen Mohamed mentioned that the group destructed the entire school property.

Aymen Aklilu, Student of Chifera General Primary School, on his part noted that he and his friends could not go to school as the entire school property is damaged. Seid Mohamed, another student also added that the school chairs, desks and their materials have been destroyed by the terrorist group.

Ugeris Mohamed, elderly individual noted that the group had shot heavy artillery on civilian and animals. “Their desire was to seize Mille Town after they take over Chifera town ,however, the Afar people paid a great sacrifice and made their dream to be in vain.

Many children and women have been massacred, number of people has been displaced, private and public property has been looted and destroyed. The group has tortured religious fathers and destroyed four Mosques, it was learnt.

The January 26/2022

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