Doomsayers, naysayers proved wrong


Time and again dishing out fake news or making a mountain out of a molehill and blowing it out of proportion in no time when a mishap surfaces to sully the image of resilient Ethiopia, the cradle land of humankind boasting ancient civilization, characterizes the major segment of western media, for Ethiopia’s defiance to subjugation and imposition as well as its being a trailblazer of freedom infuriates the conceptual western world— a scorpion by nature.

By way of a scare tactic such sham media houses like CNN that lost almost all of their fans marked created-to-fib and dishonest journalists hatched out of their overcoats were busy dinning into the ears of the global community “Ethiopia is far from a safe haven.” Except for recent conspiracies by dissenters and their supporters, this mostly serene country of tangible and intangible cultural and religious wealth as well is sought-for be it for touristic sojourn or residence. There is no gainsaying this. Yet the aforementioned media outlets were making a frantic bid to dissuade the global community otherwise—“…as Ethiopia is far from comfy flee the country as soon as possible.”

Provided its tranquility, symbolism of independence and citizens cordiality Ethiopia is favored to be a seat of international organizations. Westerners were also conspiring to divest this country of this virtue by orchestrating possible messes and amplifying it on own media; they take as their instruments of implementing wrong-headed foreign policies.

Contrariwise, when the government, enjoying popular support, achieves battlefront victory or when the country marks major UNESCO-registered anniversaries like Timket (Epiphany) they do not only fight shy from giving it media coverage but also downplay it altogether. They use a double-edged sword to attack honest and considerate Ethiopia greasing the country with soots and ringing the curtain on its shine and sheen. Though doomsayers were indulged in a futile bid to tarnish the image of Ethiopia as a hellhole, the country proved them wrong as witnessed

 in the marking of the peculiar celebration of Timket, one of the salient intangible heritages of the country. Celebrants that run the gamut from ambassadors, researchers, historians, political analysts, neighbors to tourists did attend the festivity that rippled across the country. All expressed elation and soul upliftment to the chagrin of doomsayers and naysayers. Historian Jeffy Pearce from Canada who attended Timket for the first time noted “though not a Christian as to my observation the vibe defies description, ”

Ironically, tourists from naysayer countries did come in droves to partake in the fest that by and large proved a hit. They practically exposed the news about Ethiopia’s being shaky is absolutely wrong. The diaspora flocking to their motherland in eye watering zeros also hit the last nail on the coffin of the fake news regarding Ethiopia .This is a harbinger that happy days are in store for the country surging forward despite hurdles erected on its path towards affluence.

Apart from magnifying the image of Ethiopia in the global arena, such a celebration buttresses the income the country generates to irrigate its flagship projects, among others. The chemistry observed among citizens across religions and ethnic groups—Obang Meto in Gonder— to render the celebration colorful and peaceful is a showcase that Ethiopians are slamming doors on divisive wedges being driven by historic enemies and opportunists to make the country weak.

Timket marks modesty, love and peace. Imbued with this sentiment Ethiopians have to forge their ones to surmount roadblocks and turnaround their country. It is high time to mend wrong turns and chalk out forward-looking development paths garnished with unity, democracy, justice and peace. It is mindful of this a higher government official underlined “First we are expected to forgive each other. Heartfelt repentance signifies the renewal and restoration of good faiths. It is this way we shall do away with hatred and revenge.”

The January 23/2022

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