EACC asks U.S. congress not to support HR6600

ADDIS ABABA (FBC) – Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC) has asked all members of the U.S. Congress not to support HR6600.

EACC has protested against the fundamental premise of HR6600 stating, “Gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and other atrocities in Ethiopia”

EACC stated that the resolution side steps key issues in evaluating the current crisis, and will fail short to bring about stability, peace, and Democracy in Ethiopia:

Resolution ignores TPLF initial attack on Ethiopian Defense Forces which launched the current crisis and its invasion of Amhara and Afar states.

According to EACC, the resolution also omits TPLF large scale Human Right Violation in Mai-Kadra, Amhara and Afar states and widespread destruction of schools and health centers in the two states.

The Council also indicated that the resolution ignores the fact that TPLF is using child soldiers, and undermines Ethiopia’s genuine efforts to comply to the International Human Right recommendations.

EACC stated that it has rejected HR6600, an untimely House Resolution which it describes as a failed document to address the root cause of the conflict and contribute tangible mechanism to bring the conflict to amicable end.


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