Economists highlight international response to war victims


ADDIS ABABA – International financial institutions expected to meaningfully participate in backing the government’s rehabilitation of people who have been affected by the terrorist TPLF raid in Amhara and Afar states, renowned Ethiopian economists in the Diaspora said.

Speaking to local media, the economists stated that TPLF forces’ massive destruction of public and private property and their targeting economic pillars have prone the civilian population in the aforementioned states to assistance. Accordingly, international financial institutions expected to extend support to ease the problem.

Zelalem Teklu (PhD) noted that the government of Ethiopia and the Diaspora community have made commendable jobs to rehabilitate the displaced population and restore the infrastructure in executing various fund raising alternatives. Accordingly, the government of Ethiopia has prepared a request for the World Bank for the same cause.

Lauding Ethiopian Diasporas contribution in supporting fellow citizens, Zelalem stressed that five million USD was collected exclusively by Ayzon Ethiopia fundraising platform. Sharing the above, another economist Shiferaw Adilu (PhD) said in addition to the  displaced people, millions of citizens are alienated from regular economic activities due to the occurrence of the conflict and expected support from partners. “More than all; however, the government needs to enhance internal resource mobilization capacity.”

Shiferaw expressed optimism that as a great nation in the strategic Horn of African region, Ethiopia would obtain a substantial amount of loans and grants if the government totally resolves the ongoing conflict. “The developed world would stand with Ethiopia for their gain if the latter is able to address internal strife.

“Due attention should be given to counter the TPLF propaganda machine to get significant support from international partners for the war affected citizens. To this end, it is crucial to work with friendly countries across the globe.”

Ethiopian Diasporas need to strengthen their involvement in the #No More movement to counter some interest groups’ engagement in misrepresentation of the current situation of Ethiopia, the economist remarked.

The January 4/2022

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