EDA, NDRMC donate over 19 mln. Birr to IDPs in Afar


ADAMA– The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency (EDA) and National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) announced on Thursday that they have donated over 19,000,000 Birr to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Afar state of Ethiopia.

EDA Communication Director Wondosen Girma told The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the Diasporas have played a key role starting from the law enforcement process to supporting war victims at home.

According to the Director, the Diaspora community has played significant role in obtaining public diplomacy via assisting  over one billion Birr to Ethiopia over the past one year. For example, Ethiopian Diaspora living abroad demonstrated in five continents with over 40 largest cities across the globe targeting at exposing the fake news and westerners’ hidden interest on Ethiopia. In this regard, some foreigners help Ethiopian strong stance, and the historical enemies were shocked by this cause.

“Exposing the fake news, supporting the victims, and engaging in rehabilitation process are the main areas that the Diaspora community undertaking for the sake of their beloved land. In addition to this, the Diaspora community contributed over 800,000 USD in a dinner program held at one night. It has played decisive role in motivating the tourism sector and economic advancement,” he added.

As to the Director, though Ethiopia has over three million Diasporas across the world, they do not stretch adequate support to the country compared with the demand. For example, the Diaspora community contributed 3.6 billion USD from remittance over the past one year. However, Egypt and Nigeria obtained over 20 billion USD each from remittance a year. Similarly, China and India obtained 80 billion USD and 60 billion USD from their citizens respectively.

Indeed, the amount of the remittance obtained from the Diaspora depends on the quality of the Diaspora and its members. Therefore, Ethiopia needs knowledge and technology transformation from the Diaspora community.

The February 6/2022

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