EEP loses 1.64 bln. Birr due to terrorist TPLF’s belligerences

ADDIS ABABA- The Ethiopia Electric Power (EEP) announced that it lost an estimated 1.64 billion Birr due to electricity infrastructural damage that has been caused by TPLF’s belligerence of Amhara and Afar states and for the restoration activities.

In a press conference he gave yesterday, EEP, Corporate Communication Director Moges Mekonnen said the damages and lootings TPLF forces executed on electric infrastructure including transmission lines, power transformers, mobile power stations and other facilities caused the stated sum of loss. 53.3 percent of the high voltage transmission grids in Amhara and Afar states are damaged by the conflict.

Also, from August 2, 2021 to December 18, 2021, the EEP lost 231.9 million Birr that would be obtained from electric power sales. The damage and lootings in mobile power stations accounts for over two hundred million Birr.

Noting over 23 million USD is required to fully restore the damaged electric infrastructure and resume the dependable service; the director indicated that 29.5-million- Birr is allotted to the speedy restoration of the affected facilities thereby supporting the local communities.

Moges further highlighted that the Debre Berhan- Weldiya, Bahir Dar- Weldiya and Akesta – Merhabete electric lines have resumed service after repair. “In most areas the people are forced to remain for longer periods without electricity, and their socioeconomic activities have been adversely affected as a result.”

Despite this progress, the institute has not yet been able to provide electricity to Humera and surrounding areas since November 2021. Likewise, the problem in Lalibela, Sekota and surrounding areas has not yet been solved. The EEP has been partnered with relevant actors to address the problem.

The 1.6 billion Birr loss does not include the damages that have been occurred in Bahir Dar-Weldiya- Kombolcha, Mekelle -Dalol- Semera- Afdera and it is believed to be the amount would be doubled when the study on this areas will be completed, he remarked.



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