Embassy working on promoting Ethiopian coffee in China



ADDIS ABABA—Ambassador Teshome Toga stated that efforts are exerted for promoting Ethiopian coffee to the Chinese peopleto a greater extent and further tapping into the Chinese coffee market.

Exchanging views with Beijing Ethiopian Coffee Culture Center President Yuanwei Guo ,Ambassador TeshomeToga said he had good time with a team from Ethiopian Coffee Culture Centre aimed at promoting Ethiopian coffee and its culture in collaboration with the Embassy in Beijing. “This will play its part in bringing the two cultures and peoples closer.”

The coffee center has been playing significant role in promoting and supplying Ethiopian coffee for china market, it was learnt.

Meanwhile, Coffee exporters represented the highest share of revenues reaching 162,818.04 tons and earning 645.10 million USD , ENA said quoting Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority officials.

Rising coffee prices, productivity, and improved control system are among the major factors for export achievements, according to the report.

 Coffee is Ethiopia’s leading export product, or the backbone of the country’s economy. Ethiopia’s traditional top five coffee export destinations were Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Belgium and the United States. Yet, in recent years, this East African country has been working to explore the emerging coffee market in China.

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) highlighted Ethiopia’s recent success in exporting coffee to China, saying it will provide a roadmap for the potential coffee exports to other African countries.

The March 10/2022

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