EPA opens photo exhibition featuring Ethiopians’ heroism, TPLF crimes


ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) opened a photo exhibition to public yesterday. The exhibition has been commended by officials and scholars alike as a timely measure to display the heroism of Ethiopian joint forces and TPLF’s brutality to the public at large.

The exhibition displayed a collection of photographs taken by EPA photojournalists and others during the thirteen-months of the northern conflict.

A well-known historian and researcher of Ethio-Arab relations Adem Kamil (Assistant Professor) said on the occasion that by hosting the exhibition, the EPA is discharging its responsibility of informing the public and countering disinformation campaigns. Relying on unsubstantiated sources, some international outlets have been engaging in spewing lies and distorting the global community’s perception thereby instigating the Ethiopian mainstream media’s response.

Adem further highlighted that many scholars and politicians of the Arab world employed their broadcast media and projected Ethiopia’s disintegration but in vain. And now, some of them have changed their minds and said Ethiopia would not be in trouble so far. “Though conspiracies against Ethiopia have been intensified, Ethiopians and the National Army have become impregnable through time.”

In a short interview with The , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said that the exhibition displays the difficulty of the one-year journey of Ethiopians. “The exhibition clearly depicts the heroism demonstrated by our national army, militias and by the people that have been throwing relevant support behind our forces.”

The spokesperson indicated that the exhibition also attested the level of the destruction that has been carried out by the terrorist TPLF group and its partners in crime. Not only human beings, even animals have been slaughtered too… and anyone could see the antagonism in the display.

“The level of heinous crimes committed by TPLF forces against the people of Ethiopia is unforgettable and unforgivable misery.” Dina urged members of the Ethiopian Diaspora who came to their home country to visit the exhibition.”

“I think it will show them what we have been through over one year. I advise you to come here and to see what Ethiopia and Ethiopians have been through for the last one year.

The exhibition’s opening was also followed by a panel discussion in which invited speakers interpreted the displays from various perspectives including military, socio-economic and aesthetic ones.

The January 4/2022

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