Epiphany in Ethiopia



The son of man

Jesus Christ

headed to river Jordan

True to the prophesy,

to meet John the Baptist.

Opening the sky

Father above

Jesus in

Jordan River

The Holy Spirit

Incarnated in a dove

was revealed

the 3-in-1 mystery

to solve.

This as a backdrop,

Carrying replicas of the

Ark of the Covenant

On their head,

putting on


Motely religious robes

Priests go to a nearby river

by the laity

Tagged, flanked

and lead.

In white costumes attired

the laity

who has dressed to kill

 leaves no space

on the road to fill.

The colorful procession

Grabs undivided attention.

Melodies hymns


Pleasing Music

of harps and many a drum

an electrifying

Effect is the sum.

History has it


Ethiopia has been



keeping originality

as never before

“Ethiopia raises its

Hands to God!”

Is witnessed

In Ethiopia’s Epiphany

Magnified manifold.

Reverberates the song

“Headed to River Jordan

The son of man!”

(Ethiopia stands out in marking Epiphany; true to the Biblical saying Ethiopia stretches its hands unto God.)

 What is love?

Girl in a light sweater gives a knitted heart. Close-up


He sang to me, his music of silence.

His canvases empty…

a great painter was he.

He wept devoid of tears,

and he laughed without teeth…

his books contained no lines

nor did his poetries.

He never said the words

but I know he loved me…

one who truly feels love,

discerns it quietly



Your landscape is beautiful

Your people are thoughtful

What is happening now?

Death became familiar

Racism became popular

A land of human origin

Naturally gifted in terrain

An ancient motherland

Did not have to degrade

Our self

All the people sacrificed

Is a big deal to my mind?

Why can’t love prevail?

Why can’t we be civil?

A country with many gifts

With bright minds and talents

Should do better in these terms

Love and peace should prevail

Growth and success should sustain

We should forgive each other

And live in peace together

Racism should be cancelled,

And Out of our motherland.

The January 19/2022

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