Ethio- china ties thriving: Amb. Teshome Toga


ADDIS ABABA– The long- standing Ethiopia- China relation is flourishing as positive impacts have so far been witnessed to this end as well as that of China-Africa ties, said Ethiopian embassy in China Ethiopian Ambassador to China, Teshome Toga said that Chinese economy grew last year by 8 percent and its total GDP reached 114 trillion (Yuan), which is the second largest economy with an immense course.

The Cooperation between China and Ethiopia as well as with Africa is swiftly growing as a result of Chinese foreign policy. China is promoting independent foreign policy to work in collaboration with Ethiopia and Africa.

“China is pursuing peaceful development with other countries in order to promote Global Development Initiative it initiated earlier. Thus, the global peace, prosperity and the development are shared by all humanity, which is interesting for all of us,” he added.

As indicated in the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) outcome document, China would like to increase imports. So, there are chances for African countries to increase export to China market; Ethiopia has quality and high-quality products for Chinese market in this regard.

“Moreover, the government of China is also committed to increase investment. We all would like to see Chinese investment in our economy to enhance post COVID-19 economic recovery,” he said.

“On the issues of digital economy, Ethiopia and other African countries have ventured into digital economy. As the government of China indicated, it has planned to enhance digital economy in 2022 so Ethiopia would have an opportunity again to build its capacity to work with China then we would enhance our digital economy programs, too.”

He noted in his final message that the government of China is committed to pursuing high quality belt and road initiative in coming year and Ethiopia has been also doing its best to reinforce its bilateral ties with China.

The March 11/2022

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