Ethio-Russia ties flourishing more rapidly : Amb. Evgeny Terekhin

ADDIS ABABA— The relationship between Ethiopia and the Russian Federation has shown remarkable progress apart from its long-lasting and deep rooted nature, said Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Ambassador EvgenyTerekhin told local media that the diplomatic relation between Russia and Ethiopia has accounted for over 120 years, and it will be reinvigorated in an organized and appealing way in the years to come.

Despite the two countries geographical remoteness, the people-to-people relations of Ethiopia and Russia have been developing well, he added.

People to people relations would further be consolidated and even the churches of the two countries do have firm relations. This relation has now touched a summit as it continues without any interruption. Besides, the relation between the two countries has these days shown a high level in various sectors especially regarding diplomacy and international politics.

Ethiopia and Russia have experienced similar concerns from the side of the international community, and the bilateral tie based on principles does have an enormous significance in other areas.

Since Ethiopia is a very strategic nation found in eastern Africa and Red Sea region, an icon African nation in terms of economy, military and strategy, a number of countries of the world are fond of establishing bilateral and multilateral ties with it. Besides, Ethiopia has played a paramount role in securing Horn peace and serenity, reinvigorating regional integration and bringing about telling as well as harmonious ties with neighboring countries and countries of other continents too.

He said, “We are working on economic aspects, running common projects as well as enjoying political spheres with Ethiopia. Though many countries in the region do have almost similar features, Russia has peculiarly had good relations with Ethiopia,” he stated.

When the principle of African solutions to African problems is well pronounced, Russia comes at the forefront as it strongly believes that countries have to device possible mechanisms by their own to solve conflicts arise inside without the interference of others.

“Other countries, foreign ones perhaps can support or stretch helping hands solely when the host country requests to do so; otherwise the move would dramatically be converted into imposition and forced meddling. Russia and Ethiopia are exchanging ideas, holding consultations and reaching common understanding on various crucial issues. Besides, we strongly believe that Ethiopia’s internal affairs can be solved by itself as the country is capable of doing everything within its own reach,” he underscored.

Wrapping up his talks, Ambassador said, Russians have a range of religious festivals, and so do Ethiopians. We are annually happy when we celebrate Timket and other holidays together with all Ethiopians. Although the current situation in Ethiopia looks tough, it will pass as there are a number of indications portraying that the country and its people are confident enough to penetrate hurdles and overcome perplexities.



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