Ethio Telecom secures 28 bln. Birr revenue in half year


ADDIS ABABA– State-run Ethio Telecom announced that it has secured 28 billion Birr over the last six months of Ethiopian Year.

The Ethio telecom Chief Executive Officer Frehiwot Tamiru told media yesterday that during the last six months, the company has secured 28 billion Birr revenue which is over 86 percent of the target and over 6 increment from the previous budget year similar period.

She said this achievement has been realized through the network of optimization works to enhance customer experience and satisfaction; offering 23 new and 19 revamped local and international products and services, generating over 74 million USD from the international business and scoring 89 percent of the target.

 She added the company has also raised the number of customers or subscribers over 60 million, achieved 100 percent and an increase of 20 percent from the previous year similar period.

She also stated that mobile voice subscribers reached over 58 million, data and internet users over 23 million, fixed service 923K and fixed Broadband subscribers reached 443K. “The achievement is remarkable since the nation is found in challenging environment.

Furthermore, the company is recently engaged Mobile Money business introducing “telebirr” to meet the country’s growing demand for digital financial services and has reached over 13 million subscribers in short period with a total transaction value of over 5 billion Birr,” as to her.

Besides, expanding our revenue stream, the company has devised cost optimization strategy and managed to save over 1.2 billion Birr within the six months, she noted.

However, due to the crisis, 3,473 BTS weren’t functional resulting in a revenue loss of 3.67 billion Birr. “The restoration in those areas where recovery was possible cost us over 328 million Birr but there are still many woredas remaining including Tigray state where we cannot provide our service nor can the conditions and status of our telecom infrastructures be known,”she stressed.

Beyond collecting money, the company is also engaging in the societal overall progress she said in this first half -year, the company have contributed over 253 million Birr in kind, in services to address pressing societal challenges.

It is to be recalled that Ethio Telecom has secured over 56 billion Birr in last Ethiopian fiscal year of 2013.

The February 1/2022

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