Ethiopia brings corporate media to reality: Expert

ADDIS ABABA– Ethiopians’ perseverance for common interest across the globe and their constant search for truth and fairness have been bringing the corporate media, which has disseminated fake news to the global audience, back to reality, a journalism and communication expert said.

Speaking to The , Journalism and Communication Lecturer at Hawassa University, Belew Aneley stated that some global media institutions have become understanding of Ethiopia’s reality and are coming out of misrepresentation of facts while covering the country.

As to him, the latest report that the Amnesty international (AI) presented about crimes against humanity that the terrorist TPLF forces committed in Chena and Kobo towns of the Amhara State is a contributing factor for the change in the tone of the international media about Ethiopia. “Of course, it is not the first time for AI to report the reality about the terrorist TPLF horrific acts in Amhara and Afar states.

However, the Western media did not pay any attention to the reality that time; they rather engaged in disseminated fake news in an orchestrated manner against the Ethiopian government. But, nowadays, they start reporting the reality after the AI repeatedly reports on the issue.” Belew, a Ph.D. Candidate in Journalism and Communication, further noted Ethiopians struggle and victory over TPLF forces have also changed the biased stance of the corporate media about the northern conflict.

The change is largely attributed to the West’s longstanding culture of standing with the victorious group and their understanding that TPLF would no longer have a significant role in Ethiopia’s politics.

By the same token, the participation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) in the EU-AU summit is a big opportunity to fix the broken relationships, expose the faction’s criminal acts and promote Ethiopia’s objective reality.

The Summit has also an iconic importance to counter the defamation on Ethiopia’s legally and democratically elected government thereby attracting the U.S.-led media towards the reality, the academician expressed optimism.


The Ethiopian   19 February  2022

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