Ethiopia calls Egypt, Sudan latest criticisms over GERD ‘absurd’

ADDIS ABABA –  Ethiopia calls Egypt, Sudan latest criticisms over GERD ‘absurd’ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said Egypt and Sudan’s criticism over the first time electricity generation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is ‘absolutely absurd’ as the dam will help them get more energy and have regular water inflow.

At a weekly briefing he held here yesterday, MoFA Spokesperson Dina Mufti stated that the Declaration of Principles (DoP) agreement which the three countries signed in 2015 doesn’t inhibit Ethiopia from generating electricity from the mega dam. As the DoP declares ways to reach an agreement and not to stop construction, Egypt and Sudan’s accusation of Ethiopia for taking a ‘unilateral action’ is baseless.

“The commencement of power generation is also a part of the dam’s construction.”

On the possible socio-economic impacts of the GERD on the lower riparian countries, the spokesperson indicated the Ethiopian government has repeatedly told the latter that the dam won’t have a significant harm in their water share. “Technical experts are also affirmed the GERD will provide carbon-free and stable water flow to Egypt and Sudan.”

“For the past years, the three countries have resolved a number of disagreements though there are some issues that have not yet been resolved. Now, Egypt and Sudan, not Ethiopia, refuse to resume the negotiations.”

As to him, it has taken some time to restart the deliberation due to the current political situation in Sudan and the transition of the AU Presidency. “The completion of the dam will help the lower riparian countries to get more power. We will supply power to Cairo and Khartoum as of the completion if they are in demand of that… high voltage carrier poles are being planted on the side of Ethiopia.”



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