Ethiopia coffee export earning hits 578 mln. USD in half year

– China becomes among top importers

ADDIS ABABA– Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority announced that 578 million USD has been obtained in the past six months from exporting coffee and China has become among top Ethiopia’s coffee importers for the first time .

As to the information obtained from the authority, Ethiopia had exported 148 ton of coffee planning to send 123 tons.

The authority Deputy Director Shefi Umer told Alain News that coffee export capacity of Ethiopia has been growing as it has managed to export over 1,000 ton of coffee per day.

Compared to the same period last year, the income from the coffee, have shown an increase in 274 million USD adding that the amount obtained in the aforementioned months is the highest in the history of Ethiopian coffee, as to him.

He stressed that the country abled to secure the aforementioned amount of income through reducing illegal brokers , bureaucracy and improving marketing system in the sector.

He noted that : “ The amount of the income that the country has been securing is not enough when we compare the potential of the country . “

Explaining the future direction , the deputy director said that the authority has been operating to modernize coffee marketing system and expanding coffee training centers to enhance income from the sector.

As to the press release of the five months performance of the Authority , the top three export destinations for Ethiopian coffee during the past five months were Germany (32,889.92 tons, 109.79 million USD), Saudi Arabia (19,287.87 tons, 66.31 million USD), and Belgium (13,252.26 tons, 55.02 million USD).

Japan, the USA, South Korea, Italy, China, France and Taiwan were the remaining top ten Ethiopian coffee importers, respectively, accounting for 83 percent of the total volume exported, and 82 percent of the income generated.

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