Ethiopia flower production surges in Valentine’s Day

ADDIS ABABA– As the world sets to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Ethiopia’s flower market is said to have shown 35 percent increase, according to the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA).

The association further stated that the horticulture sector is benefiting its producers while making the country competitive in the international market.

Promotion and Information Service Head at EHPEA, Yemeserach Berhanu told The Ethiopian that Ethiopia has exported over 2,714 tons of flower to various countries during the past 13 days.

Especially in connection with the Valentine’s Day, the country has witnessed 35 percent increase in the production of flowers.

According to the Head, Ethiopia has a conducive climate for flowering, fertile soil and human resources, which play an important role in the development of the sector. Though the sector has a short lifespan in Ethiopia, the result is marvelous.

“That is why Ethiopia is the second largest in Africa and the fourth largest in the world in terms of horticulture growth in a short period.”

She further added that the Association has 120 members and it provide various training to them a way to maximize production. Not only that but also the most employment in the horticulture sector are women who share 80 percent of the total number of employees. It means simply that the Association gives huge job opportunity to women in realizing women economic empowerment.

However, “The horticulture sector was severely challenged in the early months of the outbreak of COVID-19, pandemic. In this regard, the Ethiopian Airlines has rescued the sector by sustaining its cargo flights without violating the COVID-19 protocol.

As a result, Ethiopia recorded better achievement in the international market compared with other countries,” the Head noted.

She advised that solving the system and resource problems, avoiding bureaucratic red-tapes, and building infrastructure will play crucial role to put Ethiopia on the front-line in world’s horticulture market.

According to Ethiopian Airlines report, it has been transporting flowers from Ethiopia to various destinations with its modern refrigerated cargo planes for the Valentine’s Day celebrations.

It is to be recalled that the airlines transported around 95 million roses in the past similar year. An estimated 250 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day globally.



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