“Ethiopia is nucleus of African unity” Dr. Setor Norgbe Ghanaian Model


Ethiopia has finalized its preparation to hold the 35th African Union Leaders Summit. Holding such a continental meeting by defeating internal traitors and fighting anti-peace elements that aspire to see weakened Ethiopia and working day in day out to realize their sensible wish, is a great success to the nation.

The upcoming Summit is a true indication that Ethiopia’s current situation is peaceful and it also signals the country is built upon a strong foundation. Not only that, the meeting will convey important message to the whole world that Ethiopia has won a diplomatic battle and its strong diplomatic position in African soil is intact.

Holding the 35th African Leaders’ Summit here in Addis Ababa has created confusion among its enemies and became an insignia of peace and stability to its friends. The willingness of African leaders to conduct the meeting in Ethiopia is a true sign that the seed of Pan Africanism is bearing fruits.

There were several attempts to stop the meeting from being conducted in Ethiopia. However, true African children have shown their commitment by siding with Ethiopia. Despite all the pressures, they have preferred to hold the meeting in a nation that has paid all sacrifice for the sake of freedom and fought colonialism. As a land that stood firmly for African unity and played a key role for Pan-Africanism, Ethiopia has a special place in the heart of almost all African leaders, their peoples as well as black people across the world.

As it was recently indicated by Ghanaian Model, Dr. Setor Norgbe, who had spent a wonderful time here in Ethiopia, Ethiopia is the heart of African unity.” Dr. the nation is a reason behind Pan-Africanism and the emblem of African unity and freedom. That is why the country is selected to be the seat of the African Union. “I wanted to represent Ethiopia in the modeling contest and tell the world about the country, Ethiopia. It is the land which has never been colonized, the icon of African freedom, and it is a land where tangible and intangible heritages are found.”

She indicated that, currently, African leaders and its people are working aggressively to African unity. This is a time where Africa needs to be more strong and united to deal with its own affairs. Norgbe, as she stated to local media, has a desire to start Pan-Africanism in a new sense in Ghana. She also uttered as she works particularly to further strengthen the people to people relation between the people of Ghana and Ethiopia. Norgbe stressed that besides reinforcing the mutual relationship of the two countries, she has strong zeal to energize continental connectedness among Africans; and promote further a United African concept, Peace and access to global health.

Indeed, everyone has to discharge his/her responsibility towards Africa`s future. Every African has a responsibility for the peace and stability of the continent. Despite the fact that the continent is free from direct form of colonization, it is still under the yoke of indirect colonization. This is manifesting itself in the form of economic sanction or interference of Western countries in local affairs of African countries.

As it was indicated by Government Communication Service Minister Legesse Tulu, Ethiopia is preparing international events that sustainable peace, benefit and prosperity of Ethiopian people. He said, taking the current situation of the country there were attempts to distort Ethiopia`s image. However, this is disproved by the will of African Union Leaders who would attend the 35th African Leaders Summit.

The January 29/2022

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