Ethiopia remains Pan-Africanism ideals centerpiece: Scholar


ADDIS ABABA– The current government’s unprecedented commitment for the realization of integrated and prosperous Africa has galvanized Ethiopia’s longstanding devotion for Pan-Africanism ideals, according to a well-acclaimed peace and security scholar.

 Speaking to local media, Peace and Security Associate Professor at Addis Ababa University Yonas Adaye (PhD) said Ethiopia’s unwavering commitment for Africa’s peace and stability would play an iconic role to revive the spirit of Pan- Africanism. Africans are expected to demonstrate support to Ethiopia’s #No More movement with a view to making the continent strong and independent. “We need to say No More Neocolonialism, external intervention and poverty. At the same time, our curriculum should be based on African values.”

About Ethiopia’s role in building peace and stability in Africa, Yonas stressed that the people of Ethiopia have paid noble sacrifices for the cause. Successive Ethiopian governments have also a proud history of supporting African independence movements and invested substantial resources to this end.

The current Ethiopian government replicates the good deeds of its predecessors and has done commendable jobs in reconciling the warring factions of neighboring states. As the fate of Ethiopia is intertwined with its neighbors, the disruption of peace in any country has a direct and negative impact thereby triggering the Ethiopian government’s active engagement for regional peace and stability.

“For instance, Ethiopia has played a constructive role to support a peaceful transition in Sudan. The current administration of Ethiopia has also done noteworthy activities to reconcile Sudanese conflict parties. The previous administration also moved in the similar track.” Also, Ethiopia stands at the forefront for the peace and stability of South Sudan.

Noting Ethiopia and Somalia are now in common political position to stabilize the region, the academician indicated Ethiopia has also enjoyed strong relations with Kenya to ensure the peace and stability of East Africa. “Ethiopia is considered as a mother for Africans owing to its strong commitment for Pan- Africanism and it is the only neighboring country to deploy peacekeeping soldiers between Sudan and South Sudan. The situation has a clear implication that Ethiopia has built a peace philosophy based on regional integration.”

Lauding the role several African countries including Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya have in the same course, he emphasized the unity of Africans is still not strong due to external threats and internal conflicts.

The February 5/2022

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