Ethiopia, Russia agree to enhance science, technology cooperation

ADDIS ABABA – Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Mola (PhD) and Senator of the Russian Federation, Igor Morozov discussed a range of areas in a bid to enhance the two countries’ cooperation on science and technology.

Discussing innovation, technology and the way forward, the two delegations have agreed to beef up space technology, urban construction technology, digital technology transfer, information communication and service, and Russia has vowed to share its latest deep experience to this end with Ethiopia.

Russia has keen interest to share pharmaceutical technology, trade, investment with Ethiopia, Igor Morozov said.

The Senator has invited Belete Molla to draw important experience visiting Moscow any time convenient for the latter.

It was learnt that the Ethiopian minister is going to attend the International Forum slated to be held in June, 2022, at Petersburg city.

The Senator further said: “We will put in place a plan enabling us to work together centering common issues within the shortest time possible in areas of smart city project, security and safety as well as transport technology.”

The agreements made for several time will be renewed and other subsequent bilateral relations and cooperation will also be made effective soon, he said.


25 FEBRUARY 2022

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