Ethiopia says terrorist TPLF continues bel­ligerence


ADDIS ABABA -Foreign Affairs State Minster Ambassador Redwan Hussein said the terrorist TPLF group has continued its belligerence refusing the effort of the federal government to maintain peace and stability in the country.

The state minister’s remark came yesterday while conferring with the World Food Program (WFP) Regional Director Mikael John Danford.

 Redwan told the director that TPLF forces have committed serious human right violations and caused immense destruction and looting of properties in Amhara and Afar states. Recently, the federal government has decided not to enter the Tigray State aiming at maintaining peace and stability of the country, but the TPLF has continued its aggression in the neighboring states, refusing the government effort for peace.

The state minister further noted that the trucks that the federal government dispatched to deliver humanitarian aid to Tigray have not yet returned back and the TPLF is still using the vehicles to transport its combatants. The international community’s silence to the situation has created a challenge to deliver humanitarian support to the needy.

“On the other hand, the federal government has expressed its commitment in reducing the number of checkpoints, increasing forex supply to aid organizations and increasing the number of flights to deliver aid to Tigray.”

 The government is responsible of protecting the safety of citizens and if the terrorist group is continued its belligerence, appropriate measures will be taken to maintain safety of citizens. On the other hand, the false narratives released from the officials of the TPLF accusing the federal government of targeting civilians are baseless, he explained.

The Regional Director for his part praised the federal government’s commitment for maintaining peace and stability in the country and mentioned that the TPLF aggression in the Abala area of the Afar State worsened the situation. The WFP is prepared to provide over 700 tons of food aid to Afar, and also working to address humanitarian needs in Amhara and Afar as well. Likewise, the organization is working to support drought affected regions in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

Stating the TPLF’s refusal for peace by expanding the conflict to Amhara and Tigray, Redwan called on the international community to force the faction to cease provocation.

The January 20/2022

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