Ethiopia secures over 1.34 bln. USD FDI in five months



ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has secured over 1.34 billion USD Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) over the last five months, Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) disclosed.

EIC Commissioner Lelise Neme told the media that although there were challenges in the sector, the country has performed promising FDI over the last five months than that of last fiscal year. In this regard, over the stated period, EIC has secured over 1.34 billion USD FDI. Five months performance has shown 26 percent increment compared to last same period.

The growth shows that investors are keen to invest here taking advantage over the unlocked potentials of the country. This is an indicator that within challenges, investors have been looking at the huge investment potentials in the country, she said.

Now, as the Diasporas are coming home and have shown keen interest to invest, it will help the society overcome challenges. Since effective results are assumed to be registered more than ever in the sector, various activities are underway to encourage investors to utilize the potential.

 Furthermore, the commission is working hard on rebuilding the damaged investment projects in Amhara and Afar states to get them go operational. As the investment projects have created more jobs in their localities, efforts are underway with stakeholders to reinforced potential areas, she added.

As both states and the federal government are working harder to attract FDI, they have organized a platform to promote  Diaspora investment through consolidating activities using national investment forums. The session will provide Diaspora with opportunities to effectively utilize investment potentials of the country, Lelise underlined.

The January 8/2022

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