Ethiopia sells 11,000 coffee bags in five seconds


ADDIS ABABA— Department of African Affairs at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China disclosed that over 11,000 bags of Ethiopian coffee were sold in 5 seconds in China.

The Department Director-General Wu Peng stated in his Twitter page on Thursday that in connection with a live-streaming event in which Ethiopian Ambassador to China Teshome Toga participated the aforementioned bags of coffee were bought by Chinese.

According to him, during the last ten months of 2021, China’s import of coffee increased by 196%. In coming years, China will import more African agricultural products, he indicated.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority recently announced that 578 million USD has been obtained over the past six months from exporting coffee and China has also become among top Ethiopia’s coffee importers for the first time.

As to the information obtained from the authority, Ethiopia had exported 148 ton of coffee planning to send 123 tons.

The authority Deputy Director Shefi Umer told Al Ain News that coffee export capacity of Ethiopia has been growing as it has managed to export over 1,000 ton of coffee per day.

Compared to the same period last year, the income from the coffee, have shown an increase in 274 million USD adding that the amount obtained during the aforesaid months.

The January 20/2022

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