Ethiopia to host Int’l halal tourism, investment, business festival


ADDIS ABABA – An International Halal Festival is slated to be held next April in Addis Ababa with the aim of enabling Ethiopia to gain what it deserves internationally through glory, tourism, investment, and business commemorating the country’s contribution to Islam, it was learnt.

During the course of yesterday’s press conference, it was disclosed that the festival dubbed as “First Hijra International Festival”, will be taken place from April 27 to May 01, 2022, commemorating the first migration of the Prophet Mohammed’s families and companions to Ethiopia.

 And also, there will be a theatre that commemorates King Nejashi, recognition of those who have worked to promote Ethiopia’s contribution to Islam, and race on May 14 and 15, 2022, it was also stated.

In addition to commemorating the First Migration and Ethiopia’s friendliness, the conference will also discuss international preference of the respectability of Ethiopians, as well as the country’s natural resources, climate, and history for halal tourism, investment, and business, it was also disclosed.

At the event , renowned researcher and Addis Ababa University Former Assistant Professor of History Adem Kamil explained that every Muslim in the world wants to visit the country of King Najashi praised by the Prophet Mohammed for being a truthful and fair leader in the world at that time, and the first country in the world to host Muslim immigrants with honor. He added that the nation should take advantage over this opportunity for tourism.

 On his part, Islamic scholar Ustaz Abubeker Ahmed said that, at that time, King Najashi was a Christianity believer, but he was a truthful and fair leader and treated Muslim immigrants with dignity. “That is why the Prophet Mohammed described Ethiopia as a land of truth and justice,” added.

The main purpose of the festival is to commemorate this magnificent history and use it for tourism, he further indicated.

It was learnt that the festival has been organized by the Dara Media and Events in collaboration with the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Islamic Affairs Higher Council, and other concerning bodies.

The March 5/2022

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