Ethiopia to intensify building dams to avoid droughts


ADDIS ABABA– “We will scale the provision of water trucks, food, animal feed and essential medicines, while we accelerate the small dams projects we have embarked upon to support water management in lowland areas, as a pathway to circumventing future droughts,” so said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

This came when Abiy together with a high-level delegation was on a half-day working visit to the Somali state yesterday.The delegation visited drought affected areas in the state to review relief efforts being undertaken.

In his twitter message, Abiy stated that he visited Kebri Bayah which is one of many host communities in the Somali state supporting the drought-affected displaced persons. “In the interim, we will scale the provision of water trucks, food, animal feed, and essential medicines,” he indicated.

In his speech after visiting Kebri Beyah, Abiy said that apart from the war in the northern part of the country, severe drought, which is one of the worst droughts in recent years, has also occurred in some states, and because of this citizens are being displaced.

He also noted that the government’s main focus is on preventing citizens from dying as a result of the drought.“If we work together, we will overcome this problem as we overwhelmed other problems together,” Abiy said. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister visited the asphalt roads that have been built in Jijiga for the past three years.

The January 26/2022

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