Ethiopia to regain continental influence via AU Summit : Researcher


ADDIS ABABA– The holding of the 35th African Union (AU) Summit here is very important for Ethiopia to improve its continental influence, so said Getachew Mekonnen, State and Nation Building Researcher at Institute of Strategic Affairs.

In an interview with local media, Getachew stated that the coming of leaders of various African countries, heads of international organizations, renowned diplomats, and representatives of various communities to Ethiopia for the conference is of great benefit to Ethiopia.

In addition to foiling the conspiracies of some foreign forces, the conference will have an important role for Ethiopia to improve its influence in the continent, the researcher stated, adding that it will also help Ethiopia strengthen its historic status quo in Africa.

The researcher further noted that the coming of the aforementioned guests to Ethiopia helps the international community to better understand the current situation in Ethiopia and to refrain  from interfering in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.

The coming of representatives of various communitiesto Ethiopia will help strengthen people-to-people cooperation in Africa, Getachew indicated. As to him, another benefit of the event for Ethiopia is conference tourism that inspires the hospitality industry.

Meanwhile, the researcher insisted that all expenditures of the African Union should be covered only by Africansin order to ensure the independence and sovereignty of the member states. He added that agendas approved by different conferences should be implemented properly.

The January 28/2022

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