Ethiopian Americans send 50,000 letters to congress


• H.R.6600 bill fails to recognize Ethiopia’s reality

ADDIS ABABA—Ethiopian-American Development Council (EADC) stated that it has sent 50,000 letters to Congress and the White House, contacted 94 senators out of 100 ones via electronic medium, some 362 representatives out of 435 ones within 6 days.

It did all this deed to stop ratifying the H.R. 6600 bill thereby defending Ethiopia against repressive U.S. policy and keeping Ethiopia’s interest.

Not knowing very well the peace effort the Ethiopians and Ethiopian government have currently exerted, Congressman Malinowski of New Jersey drafted the H.R.6600 bill to merely threaten Ethiopia by imposing sanctions pretending the issues of security, finance, investment, basic right, and others. H.R. 6600 does not have the best interest of Ethiopians nor the United States.

The bill does not understand the complicated problems in Ethiopia and fails to recognize the facts on the ground, too, instead it focuses on alienating a democratically elected government, punishing innocent Ethiopians, exacerbating existing problem, creating power vacuum, and driving Ethiopian American relationship in the wrong direction, said EthiopianAmerican through their message to US Officials.

This bill does not try to hold TPLF accountable for previous or current aggression and human right violations that is escalating the humanitarian crisis in Northern Ethiopia. Policies and/or congressional actions that fail to recognize the truth on the ground are dangerous and embolden TPLF to continue its aggression and invasion to gain power by force.

This kind of partial approach will destabilize the broader region, risk the lives of thousands, and contribute to the humanitarian challenges.

H.R. 6600 bill intends to cripple Ethiopians while giving a free pass to TPLF insurrectionists who are still pillaging towns, murdering and displacing innocent civilians in Afar, Said Get fact group in its twitter page.

H.R.6600 aims at holding the efforts of individuals, Diaspora community participating in rebuilding of hospitals and schools destroyed by TPLF back.

It is designed to prevent Ethiopia from International Loans and finances. It will embolden TPLF’s atrocities, emboldening TPLF’s crimes of gang-rape, mass killings of civilians tooting of hospitals and schools.

Therefore, the U.S. should work closely with broader Ethiopian Americans, Ethiopians and the Ethiopian government towards peace, democracy, and stability.

It is not expected to treat a democratically elected government as equal footing with insurrectionist group that has committed war crimes and crime against humanity on Ethiopians over the past close to three decades, said Ethiopian-Americans through


The   22 February  2022

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