Ethiopian Diasporas slam H.R. 6600 destructive role

ADDIS ABABA– Ethiopian Diaspora community leaders slammed the United States Congress H.R. 6600 bill (Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace, and Democracy Act) has been drafted to designate Ethiopia as a genocidal state and aims to further impoverish the war-affected country.

Appeared in a You Tube-based Hermela TV, leaders of the Ethiopian diaspora community also denounced the bill as it will target to sanction the economy, development and security of Ethiopia.

The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee Chairperson MesfinTegenu said the enacting the bill would be against the progressive democratic measures in Ethiopia. “TPLF and its affiliated entities have refused to do anything close to do what would make sense to bring peace. And then, the bill comes here by The U.S. officials, which actually puts further flaming.”

The chairman further noted that prisoners have been released and several activities that are supposed to be taken were requested by the West.

A member of Social Justice Advocate from Denver, Colorado, Nebiyu Asfaw also described the bill as a tool for sanction. It is not a bill that will bring peace and stability. This is just very curious; if it is put into practice, it will seriously baffle Ethiopia’s effort for civilization and democracy.

“Throughout the past five decades, U.S. sanctions (in many countries) have caused more deaths than creating peace zones. So this bill against Ethiopia is extremely dangerous.”

Glean Global Ethiopian-Americans Advocacy Nexus member from Virginia, Gennet Negussie said for her part that the bill is absolutely critical for Ethiopians. The H.R. 6600 has just mentioned none of violations by TPLF; which is just not even a balanced one and is punitive.

“Moreover, the bill is about revoking economic development and opportunities to make loans or financial gains and technical assistance. It will further let other allies block or limit from support; which would create another problem,” she elaborated.

Gennet called on fellow Africans to join campaigns against the bill which has already been started by the Ethiopian Diaspora.



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