Ethiopian, Kenyan religious councils vow to counter extremism

ADDIS ABABA – The Inter-Religious Council (IRC) of Ethiopia and the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) expressed desire to work together to counter the rampant religious extremism in the East African region.

IRC Secretary General LikeaTiguhan KesisTagayTadele and IRCK Director General Abdurrahman Ismael signed yesterday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that fosters the parties’ cooperation in countering extremism, preserving cultural and holy sites and promoting peaceful coexistence. The agreement is also expected to enhance partnership in interfaith harmony, human dignity, counting hate speech and radicalization thereby helping the respective countries stride to achieve Agenda 2063.

Speaking on the occasion, KesisTagay said the agreement is meant to share each other’s best experiences and furthering the already strong people- to- people relationship between Ethiopia and Kenya.

Noting Ethiopia has been a model in peaceful coexistence of followers of different religions since ancient times, the director general expressed the commission’s believe that this culture of peaceful coexistence can be significantly enhanced by interreligious and inter-civilization dialogue and cooperation. The dialogue and cooperation further promote mutual understanding, respect and tolerance among religions, cultures and peoples.

“It is high time to work in collaboration and partnership along with other interfaith organizations. It will build trust and understanding among people.”  “Africa will continue to rise up only when we Africans and people of African descent at home and abroad and from all walks of life work together side by side to give unconditional service to the overall development. We need to dedicate ourselves to rise together to defend our liberty and unity. It is an idea whose time has come to make Africa the Tree of Life.”

IRC Kenya Executive Committee Chairman Rev. Fr. Joseph Mutie said for his part that the two councils have decided to work together for the first time to facilitate the overall activities of the region as well as the African continent. It will give an opportunity to collaborate in various areas to realize the peace and coexistence, development, share the experiences and others. “We are happy to be in Addis, the birthplace of Pan- Africanism. The friendship between the countries is very deep.”

As the Horn of Africa is rich in natural resources and in strategic geopolitics, various challenges are coming through different aspects, the chairman remarked.



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