Ethiopian resumes Lalibela flight services

• Lalibela begins welcoming guests for Genna


ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Airlines has resumed flight services to Lalibela as of yesterday having interrupted the services for some months due to terrorist TPLF invasion of some parts of Amhara and Afar states.

Though Lalibela Airport was looted and destroyed by Terrorist TPLF, it was immediately repaired and went operational with a view to revitalizing the local tourism industry and help guests celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ /Genna in Lalibela.

Lalibela town, which was under the TPLF control for a few months, was liberated by Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) about a month ago.

As to Amhara Media Cooperation, the airline has started providing flight services to tourists who would like to celebrate Christmas at Debre Roha St. Lalibela Church.

Meanwhile, the Lalibela town has begun welcoming guests from all over the country and the world. The youth in the city are welcoming the visitors by organizing  various events, ranging from washing guests’ feet.

In his stay with FBC, Qomos Aba Tsigeslassie Mezgebu, Administrator of Debre Roha St. Lalibela Church, called on all Ethiopians to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus Christ together in Lalibela Town.

 When visitors come to Lalibela town, there are two things to be done: to celebrate the birthday of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to support the victim of the irresponsible deeds of the terrorist junta.

Girma Mihret, a resident of Lalibela, on his part said: “Now the sun has risen and we are ready to warmly celebrate Christmas. He called on all of foreign and Ethiopian tourists to celebrate Genna /Christmas in the historical town of Lalibela. What makes this year’s Christmas special is the fact that Ethiopia is a country of heroes, a religious country, and a testament to the unity of all nations.”

The January 4/2022

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