Ethiopians foil terrorist TPLF’s genocide obsession :Analyst



ADDIS ABABA—A political analyst stated that although the terrorist TPLF worked hard to project genocide as if it was committed against innocent people of Tigray, Ethiopia has denied providing it with that opportunity at enormous cost.

In his article titled: ‘TPLF’s obsession with genocide and how to end it,’ Ethiopian political analyst and researcher Wossen Melaku stated that the more TPLF killed innocent Amhara and Afar people, the louder it screamed about ethnic-Tigray being victims of genocide.

He also noted that it does not matter that the TPLF was almost always the only perpetrators of extreme violence, but they typically alleged being the victims of genocide, and any measures they took would then be sold as good-faith attempts to avert genocide.

As to him, on 4 November 2020, within hours of launching its long-planned operation against the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), the TPLF digital propaganda machine went on overdriving and filled the social and mainstream media with well-rehearsed narratives about the Tigray genocide.

Until 2018, prolonging TPLF’s time in office was the goal, but today it is about regaining power, the analyst said, adding that it is about achieving these goals by occupying the proverbial moral high ground that would accompany genocide, presenting themselves as the saviors of a community threatened with extinction.

He further explained that if it takes the massacre of several Tigrayans to lend plausibility and credibility for such a narrative, TPLF seemed willing to facilitate it, albeit indirectly, by engaging in ethnically selective killing of other Ethiopians in the expectation of retaliation in kind.

The systematic massacre of hundreds of ethnic-Amhara civilians, most of them wage laborers, at Mai Kadra in November 2020 by the terrorist TPLF forces appeared calculated to provoke reprisals in kind, according to the analyst.

From June 2021, similar massacres were committed following TPLF’s advance to Amhara and Afar states against poor peasants and villagers in Chena Teklehaymanot, Kobo, Woldiya, Gashena, Kombolcha, Galicoma, among others, he added.

He also stated that tens of thousands of ethnic-Tigrayans in Addis were reportedly caught with unregistered, unlicensed and illegal weapons hidden in their homes and offices, some of them complete with explosive devices, radio communication equipment, and military fatigues.

“Ethiopians have ensured that no trace of systematic harm against the people of Tigray,” he indicated.

The analyst opined that when TPLF finally lost its iron grip on power in 2018, it redeployed the know-how, skills, resources, and networks it had built over 27 years in office to make Ethiopia ungovernable for the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

The ethnic-based divisions and animosity it had cultivated among Ethiopians over the years provided it with ideal setting to pursue its agenda, he said, adding that the terrorist TPLF tried to mobilize every community against every other community.

He further noted that the genocide that the TPLF had been goading over decades was looking increasingly inevitable. “Yet, thankfully, and despite all the methodical, systematic, and persistent provocations, Ethiopians refused to take the bait, they refused to give the gift of genocide to the TPLF.”

The January 15/2022

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