Ethiopians in UAE pledge support to homeland dev’t


ADDIS ABABA- Recognizing their role in ensuring development, Ethiopian Diasporas residing in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) pledged for concerted contribution to support the progress of the country and counter smear campaigns.

Yafet Nesru from Dubai told local media that everyone should love their country and people wholeheartedly and genuinely. In doing this, Diaspora Ethiopians are expected to make positive contributions that would enable their home country to overcome the pressing challenges it has currently encountered. “I will help my country by engaging in various economic activities and sustain the dignity of the nation.”

Nordos Belay, another Ethiopian residing in Dubai noted that all Ethiopians in every corner of the world should work diligently to alter the current bad image that the world presents the country in a negative light. The Diasporas should also wage struggle against maladministration and back the progress of the nation.

“Ethiopians Diaspora have immense responsibility to counter their home country’s negative characterization in areas they are living. We have to continue to support our nation vigorously and to promote its rich natural resources as well as world’s famous tourist attractions to the global community,” she elaborated.

Another Ethiopian Diaspora in Dubai, Tatek Derese noted that members of the community, without inhibited by geographical distance, have a very tight psychological closeness to their country of origin. “First, we have to ask ourselves what we have done for our country and make the required contribution.”

Ethiopian Community in Dubai and Northern Emirates Board Chairman, Edris Bunsuru said for his part that the community has so far been provided 20 million Birr to support their home country.

The March 10/2022

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